Trojan Hoax, Pharaoh al-Sisi and Bashar al-Giraffe's "electoral victory"

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Dilly Hussain shares his thoughts on the biggest news stories that have been trending this week.

It’s been a busy week for Muslims and stooges alike.

Here in the UK the ongoing Trojan Horse scandal has received non-stop media limelight as the British public continues to be misinformed by the usual suspects that “radical extremist jihadi Salafi fundamentalist Islamist neo-fascist Muzlamics” are planning to take over schools in Birmingham.

In the Muslim world, the Egyptian Pharaoh al-Sisi and the giraffe of Syria al-Assad have both won elections by an “overwhelming majority” (90% +), forgetting to mention that the voter turnout was probably less than a Stonehenge reunion.

Of course, other news have also made the headlines and have been widely discussed on social media.

The anti-Muslim violence in Pune, India, where a Muslim student was wrongfully murdered by Hindu extremists for allegedly uploading pictures of Shiv Sena patriarch Bal Thackeray and Maratha icon Chatrapati Shivaji (whatever all that meant) on Facebook. Mosques and Muslim businesses are being targeted by Hindu extremists as they wreak havoc across India’s seventh biggest metropolis.

Across the Atlantic, the parents of US soldier Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl rejoiced in their son’s release after five years in Taliban captivity in an historic prisoner swap with five senior Taliban leaders held in Guantanamo Bay. One can’t help but think, how is it that the US who “don’t negotiate with terrorists” were able to release five GITMO prisoners for one American soldier, but are unable to release (or even negotiate) Britons illegally incarcerated, taking into consideration the Bonnie and Clyde relationship between the two countries.

And I’m sure you’ve all heard or read about the ongoing “secret terror trial” – how about that for British justice and the transparency of democracy! As if any of that ever mattered to the judiciary, security services and ruling elite.

Trojan Hoax

Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation
Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation

On Wednesday night, we were once again cursed with the displeasure of seeing Maajid Nawaz appearing on BBC Newsnight along with Ibrahim Hewitt to discuss the Trojan Horse investigation.

Unfortunately, it’s become such a common occurrence that we’ve become normalised to seeing this over-dressed, Shariah-obsessed drama queen speak on behalf of Islam and Muslims.

The discussion went from Trojan Horse and Ofsted to amputating the hand of the thief, stoning adulterers, the “ideal Islamic state” and a seriously cringing moment where Maajid referred to his 13-year-old son to make a point. Obviously good’ole Jeremy Paxman played the usual “impartial” anchor but had no problem reinforcing Maajid’s loaded and unrelated questions onto Ibrahim Hewitt.

On Tuesday I posted a Facebook status for teachers, governors and parents from Birmingham to get in touch with me regarding a documentary I’m helping to make on the Trojan Horse scandal. From my brief conversations with governors, teachers, parents and activists yesterday, the theories that are emerging behind the Trojan Hoax are:

1. Counter terrorism officers were specifically sent by Michael Gove and the Department for Education to investigate Park View School amongst others. A member of Quilliam Foundation is also an advisor to Gove.

2. Counter terrorism officers have become a part of Ofsted (like they are with the Charity Commission) and they are steering the whole Trojan Horse scandal.

3. Ofsted were given orders “from above” ie. Gove or Theresa May or both.

I will soon have the list of the 10 counter terror officers that were sent by the DfE to inspect Park View School, and will make it public knowledge that I will be investigating them, in case any fabricated charges are brought against me.

With Theresa May’s recent row with Michael Gove’s handling of the Trojan Horse investigation; it seems that a race is on for a possible internal coup to replace David Cameron by securing the right-wing Islamophobic votes for next year’s general elections. There is no doubt that Gove is rewriting history by overtly politicising the education system with an anti-Islamic agenda. Even the chancellor of the exchequer has made pre-judgements on the results of official inquiries when speaking on the Today programme, he said:

We absolutely don’t want a distraction from the central issue here, the issue which the government is absolutely united on and the people listening to this programme I’m sure are concerned about, which is the infiltration of schools by Islamic extremists.

Also, did you know that in Gove’s book “Celsius 7/7” (2006), chapter eight is entitled “Trojan Horse” about the rise of radical Islamism in the UK…a coincidence? I wouldn’t rule it out.

President al-Sisi and Assad – “Champions of democracy”

Whilst the conflict in Syria approaches its fourth year and the rebel infighting continues, Bashar al-Assad prevails as the electoral victor once again with 88.7% of votes, with the supreme constitutional court claiming a 73.42% turnout.

Obviously you’d have to be plain stupid to believe these statistics but nevertheless alarm bells should be ringing. Media outlets continue to spread their own propaganda and political narrative on Syria according to the will of their financial benefactors.

Overwhelming number of the rebel factions are Islamically orientated.
Overwhelming number of the rebel factions are Islamically orientated. (Stats taken from December 2012)

Whether you’re with the “Axis of Resistance” and “global socialist south” camp or the pro-Jihadi pro-Khilafah camp, the facts of the matter are these – at least 160,000 are dead, 6.5 million are internally displaced and three million refugees remain in camps in neighbouring countries.

Many argue that a victory for the Assad regime is inevitable especially with the US and Iran’s cosy relationship, but totally ignoring that large swathes of the north remain under rebel control and the regime is still unable to deliver a fatal blow even with the assistance of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Syrian opposition – be it the Free Syrian Army (supported by Turkey), the Saudi/Qatari funded “Islamists” and the Al Qaeda linked jihadis, all unanimously rejected the election outcome. The rebel factions continue to fight each other over turf and resources, but are holding back from removing Assad as a united force due to the political manoeuvring of their paymasters (US, Saudi, Qatar, and Turkey).

Regardless of who ends up being the victors or whether a treacherous political solution is reached, know this, Rasulah (saw) has already given glad tidings to the Muslims of Syria in numerous hadith – their blood has not and will not be spilled for nothing, and their reward, if not granted in this life, will most definitely be granted in the next.

Touching upon Egypt very briefly where the butcher of Rabaa, the newly crowned Pharaoh al-Sisi, won a landslide electoral victory with 96.1% of votes. “President” Sisi was so popular that his regime issued fines of up to 800 Egyptian pounds for those who did not participate, even with the support of the Salafi Al-Nur, Al Azhar, Copts and secularists, desperate measures were taken to legitimise a farcical election within a farcical political system. An effective boycott campaign of the recent election spearheaded by around 200 scholars inside and outside of Egypt made Sisi’s “victory” laughable.

Whilst the brutal crackdown of the Muslim Brotherhood continues and hundreds of their members and activists face trials in kangaroo courts, the new Egyptian government will be receiving $20 billion of aid from the UAE and Saudi Arabia as a reward for fulfilling the wishes of their colonial masters and regional proxies.

During a time of trial, tribulation and turmoil, it is better for the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) to keep their heads up, and remain steadfast, because the hardship of holding on to the hot coal now will surely be followed by ease.