Press TV – How will British Muslims vote in the general election?

Dilly's Desk, Media

On this week’s show we look at how British Muslims could potentially affect the British General Election.

With three weeks to go before voting day opinion polls are showing an almost dead heat between the Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party. So that means the votes of the ethnic or religious minorities could make the difference in key constituencies, thus potentially determining the outcome of the entire election.

For the past several elections much has been made about the so-called “Muslim vote,” but on today’s show we’re going to try to separate the myth from the reality.

Historically, bloc Muslim voting does indeed seem to have been exploited by clever politicians, but were those exceptions to the rule?

Can we talk about such a thing as the “Muslim vote” when the community is so diverse? And if we can what are the issues which affect Muslims the most, and who are they most likely to vote for?